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Technology Services

Design, development and implementation of technical projects for systems integration and IT application development, application migration and security design.

Application Development And Integration

Maxine’s application development and integration service line solves critical business and technology problems by developing custom software.
When an organization approaches us for a technology upgrade or change, we try that their existing applications must adapt to achieve cost savings...

Application Migration

One of the ways we transform outdated systems into a valuable part of our clients' businesses is by migrating applications from inflexible, costly environments to modern IT environments such as J2EE or .NET. In order to help organizations select the best course of action for their applications, we have developed specific methods...

Software Quality And Management Testing

The value of software testing to a company's performance and reputation is immeasurable. Production flaws and delivery delays can damage profits, competitiveness and customer loyalty.
Maxine takes a strategic approach to quality management, helping you improve business...

Security Design

We believe that security is intrinsic to your business processes, development and daily operations. It should be factored into the initial design of any IT or critical infrastructure solution, not bolted on after the fact. The concept we approaches means that cost-effective security begins with the creation of secure systems from the start...
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